JetEngine Plugin for Elementor Review

JetEngine Plugin

JetEngine Plugin Review - Custom Post Types, Custom Fields, Profile Builder, Frontend Posting - everything you need for adding and editing dynamic content with Elementor.
lifetime license
turn-off widgets
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Review Summary for JetEngine Plugin

For me, JetEngine is the most advanced Elementor addon. It really is an engine for dynamic websites.

Performance 95%
Functionality & Quality 100%
Uniqueness factor 100%
Value for Money 100%
Documentation / Support 100%
el mentor's Overall Rating
out of 5
Total tested:

Pros & Cons of JetEngine Plugin

Create Custom Post Types, Custom Taxonomies, Custom Fields & Relations
Frontend posting
Profile Builder
Form Builder
Create Listings
NEW FEATURE: Custom Content Types
No free version

JetEngine Plugin Performance

Considering the high amount of features that JetEngine has to offer, the performance is pretty good. The only negative point is that the plugin is loading unnecessary files when it is not used. But it's just one CSS file (frontend.css) which adds only 6 KB to the total page size, so this is neglectable. Even if you enable all 12 modules there is no impact on the site's performance if you don't use the modules.

el mentor's Grade:
95 of 100
Additional Page Size:
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Unique Widgets of JetEngine Plugin

There are no unique widgets for this addon or the unique widgets haven't been added yet. If you know any, please let us now in the comments below.

JetEngine Plugin Alternatives

The following are free WordPress plugins that you could use as a JetEngine alternative:

Keep in mind that with free plugins, you can only replace some of the JetEngine functionality.

There are also Premium alternatives to JetEngine:

Further premium addons for dynamic content on an Elementor site are:

Dynamic Addons for Elementor

Dynamic Content for Elementor

Dynamic Content for Elementor Addon - Extend Elementor with advanced development tools for web experts.

JetEngine Plugin FAQs

If you have any questions regarding this addon, please let us know in the comments below.

Your experience with JetEngine Plugin?

What experience do you have with this Elementor Addon? Please let us know in the comments below.

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